You feel like you just make it to the end of the day, falling into bed and wondering if life will ever get any better.

You can’t even remember if you smiled, let alone laughed, at least once during the day and you try and remember when happiness went missing from your life.

It’s easier to count the number of times you snapped or had a negative thought every day why can’t you remember the happy moments?

You wonder if life will ever get easier or better… it’s not how you pictured your life would be.

Life is utterly exhausting living this way, isn’t it?

When you add in living with chronic illness or grief it can be plain overwhelming

We all want to live a life full of happiness and joy and capable of overcoming daily life stresses in a way that doesn’t affect us deeply.

There is good news – you can live a life where your Mind and Body are so aligned that you experience happiness and Joy every day, you just need a little support and help along the way. I’ve been where you are now and I understand.


When you need to feel calm in just three minutes, this Guide and Video will support you.


Joy offers one on one sessions from 15 minutes to two hours. Intuitive Reiki, Infra-red sauna detox, meditation circles and retreats.

Helping You Achieve Joy

Life can be tough sometimes can’t it? Let Joy nurture, support and heal you.

Joy offers a wide range of resources and tailors an experience specific to your needs. Joy is qualified in positive psychology and many other holistic therapies which are all designed to support you to live your life the way you choose with health, happiness and enjoyment.

Focus sessions with Joy

Chat with Joy

Intuitive Reiki sessions with Joy

Infrared Sauna sessions

Who I support

You feel lost and alone

You don’t need someone to tell you what to do you need someone who cares and gets results. Together we can grow your life into what desire and deserve. I’ve been where you are… with my empathy, skills and coaching you will be happy again.

You're grieving

Life has changed forever, you feel that life will never be the same again and you’re right it won’t. However together with support and nurturing you can live your life with good memories rather than sadness every day. I’ve been where you are now let me support you.

You've been affected by trauma or illness

You or your loved one hears the words “you’ve got” Or you receive a call saying someone has been in an accident Everything changed in an instant, you don’t know what to do, I’ll support you to reduce the overwhelm 

You’re Mental Health is suffering

Life is taking its toll on your mind and body with little time for happiness and joy let alone time with family and friends. Worse still you notice your skin is dull, you feel weaker and you’ve lost your sparkle. Together we will align your Mind and Body to bring back joy into your life.

You need some Nurturing

You’re busy, but not productive. To-do lists never getting done? Restart with a ‘business blueprint’. In my small business consulting sessions, I’ll help you decide what needs to be prioritised to reach your goals. Then I’ll keep you accountable to ensure you achieve them.

It can sometimes be difficult to acknowledge the role we play in our own testing times, but when we do, the impact is significant.

Start making happy memories today to remember for all your tomorrows.

WHy work with me?

I’ve been where you are now. I’ve lived with chronic illness and grief and I know what it feels like to think you’ll never be happy let alone Joyful ever again.

When life throws a curveball, I am the person you want in your corner, I understand.

As the founder of Mind Body Joy, I bring personal insight and professional expertise to help find a positive perspective to overcome and manage a life-changing event.

Qualified as a Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Practitioner, I focus on the link between mind and body, enabling people to function well, physically and emotionally.

I have a specialist interest in people dealing with fear and overwhelm in general or as the result of a life-changing event. My insight and empathy come from a uniquely personal place.



Together we see what you really want and desire for your life. Is it support, life changes, nurturing or techniques for daily life? We look at:

– what’s occurred
– what’s missing in your life
– what feeds your soul
– techniques to support overwhelm
– create a stable base to align mind and body


Together I’ll support you to release the old cycles and move forward with clarity, more energy and feeling capable once more:

– emotional Detox
– remove obstacles
– zap energy suckers
– create space for new growth
– regain control


Nurturing and gently guiding I’ll support you to achieve your vision and goals with a focus on Living Life:

– aligned Mind and Body
– create a support team
– vision
– achievable goals
– happiness and Joy
– confidence to live


Enjoy my other Holistic therapies designed to nurture and support you along the way such as Reiki, Infrared sauna, Crystal Light therapy and meditation circles.


Joy spoke about the Power of Joy at my Meetup group recently and it was outstanding! Joy has the magic ability of being able to turn complex science and sophisticated research into practical relatable tips that everyone can understand and implement. Her talk was so effective and made such an impact that I am going to get her along to speak at my Business in Heels events. I can’t recommend Joy highly enough. Kerry N.

I visited Joy for a long term problem which I had unsuccessfully tried to resolve for many years. Joy welcomed me into her Life Change Room and I instantly felt at ease. Also sitting in the ‘life change chair’ as opposed to sitting in a client’s chair, a small change in wording I know, but it completely put me at ease! Joys patience, coaching and support in the first “life change discussion” as she calls them was amazing. I left after the first discussion with great results and the second session, the Breakthrough session blew my mind! I would highly recommend Joy as a Life Coach for anything you need help with she is amazing! Bree A. Qld

I met with Joy to learn some key pointers for meditation and what I got was so much more. Joy has a very gentle and welcoming nature that I found myself talking to Joy about life experiences in general. It was such an uplifting experience! Joy’s approach is to get you to think about things in a different light. She doesn’t give you the answer she supports you and provides the tools to assist you in finding the answer yourself. Such a beautiful natured person, easy to talk too and always welcoming. It was a pleasure. Marie O’D

Find Your Balance.Live Life after Loss. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself. Live everyday with Joy!