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4.30 am Trend

In this article, 4.30 am rise and Shine, I share the benefits of rising earlier and also some tips and tricks about how to become an early bird. I also add in some research that backs up why getting up early has health benefits

Inner Peace Is Contagious

In this article, I share the benefits of inner peace and how if you find peace others will too. Includes a link to a short video for those who like to listen to audio

Tackling loneliness in older Australians and aged care

In this article, I share about how loneliness affects the elderly especially after the loss of a longtime partner.

E-Bubble Life

E-Bubble Life, Launched in 2014, is a Health and Wellbeing Magazine that talks primarily to school-aged kids parents and seniors with children’s responsibility.

Articles listed below



How to Increase Happiness 

Transit Lounge Podcast – Bill Gasiamas

Mind Body Joy and Happiness

3 x 5 x 7 Podcast -Gerald Richards

A Life-Changing Loss

Fearless Females – Tegan Mathews (USA)

Getting Curious

Design You Podcast – Tina Murray

Talking about how being curious builds a better wellbeing

A little bit about Joy

Helen Bolger – Harris

Mindfulness with Joy

A Little Breathing Space – Clarissa Kristjansson (Sweden)

Ten Minutes to Health

Ten Minute Natural health tips ( USA)

Joy Fairhall Mind Body Joy

Soothing Grief with the Sounds of Healing – Guest Blog

Louise Creswick – Grief – Coaching for Life Beyond Loss (UK)

Louise Creswick invited me to write a guest blog after we connected on Linkedin talking about the healing of sounds baths. Louise was interested to learn more about sound healing and how I incorporated it into my work. The result? This blog all about sounds healing. EnJOY

Joy Fairhall Mind Body

Inner Peace is Contagious

The Energy Healing Magazine (UK)

In this article I share about the path we all crave, that of Inner peace. I share not only what inner peace is, the benefits and also some tips and techniques. Put these tips into action to start your own inner peace journey.



Handle Your Own PR Ticker TV

Jules Brooke Handle Your Own PR (AUS)

I was delighted to be interviewed on Ticker TV by my mentor Jules Brooke from Handle Your Own PR. 

I have been mentored by Jules and attended her PR Accelerator program throughout this year. I loved being able to share my insights, learnings and successes from handling my own PR throughout 2019.

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