7 Days to Mindfulness


7 Days To Minfulness



7 Days To Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the new buzz word, right? However, it’s not so new and the benefits far outweigh any scepticism you may have around this technique.

What’s that? You’ve tried and you can’t sit still long enough to be mindful?

If you think you are to busy to try to learn Mindfulness techniques think again, I’ve created a ‘7 Days to Mindfulness’ pack especially for you.

In this pack, you will receive instructions for 2 easy mindfulness techniques and a 7-day planner to make it happen – easily.
AND they start with only one minute a day and end with only  5 minutes a day! Yes, that’s right – you can do this I’ll show you how.

My ‘7 days to Mindfulness’ pack includes instructions for 2 easy Mindfulness techniques and a guided planner to get you to Mindfulness in 7 days – Easily.
You’ll be more mindful in no time.


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