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Essence of You VIP Membership

Essence of You membership

Peace. Knowing. Connect. Truth. – find the very essence of you

with Joy

Join this exclusive VIP program and enJOY  personalised group support

Peace      Knowing     Connect     Truth 

Find the very ESSENCE of YOU. 

When you know yourself when you truly connect with your truth you live life with Joy and in blissfully peace.

Connect all of this to find the very essence of you and what makes you happy.

Join my monthly VIP membership to find your essence with JOY

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Essence of You VIP Membership

Whats Included?

  • Monthly connecting live group calls – (Start of the month)
  • Monthly intention setting from the heart
  • Monthly intention support, review and celebration live group calls (End of the month)
  • Monthly meditation ( Middle of the Month)
  • 1:1 Intuitive reading for every member – every month ( First week of the month)
  • Access to Mind Body Joy resources library freebies added monthly
  • Private VIP Facebook group exclusively for VIP members only
  • 5% discount on other Mind Body Joy programs and services


  • 2 VIP group calls (Start and end of month rotating Day and Evening)
  • 1  meditation (rotating day and evening)
  • 1 personalised intuitive reading per person a month
  • Resources
  • Discount on other services and events
  • Group support in VIP Facebook group
  • Opportunity to test Mind Body Joy new programmes and services

Monthly VIP membership

Annual VIP Membership

No Lock in Contract cancel anytime

Payment Options
Essence of You VIP Membership

Monthly Focus

Set monthly intentions from the heart (not the head)

Connecting Mind and Body

Meditate to calm, relax, connect to self and heal

Intuitive Discovery

Monthly Intuitive reading just for you

Supporting Resource LIbrary

Resources added every month to build a library of resources just for you

Who is the Essence of You VIP Membership for?

If you are looking to find the very essence of you with joyful support and the support of the community of like-spirited women this membership is for you.

Payment Options
Essence of You VIP Membership
Access to an expert

VIP Group memberships are a great way to have access to expert support  with the added bonus of group support and an online community

VIP community

VIP membership gives you exclusive access to Joy – Mind Body Joy and also build relationships and support among other women. 

Quality time

VIP Membership gives you the time to ask your questions, set your heart intentions all with the support of Joy – Mind Body Joy and the other woman in the group. Time to sort out those things you want to do, experiences you want to try and also ask for things to be added into the next month.


Vip Membership entitles you to exclusives! Be the first to see Joy – Mind Body Joys new releases, test out her new programmes and services before anyone else! 

VIP Discounts

As a VIP Member, you get 5% off any of Mind Body Joys programs, retreats or services


I visited Joy for a long term problem which I had unsuccessfully tried to resolve for many years. Joy welcomed me into her Life Change Room and I instantly felt at ease. Also sitting in the ‘life change chair’ as opposed to sitting in a client’s chair, a small change in the wording I know, but it completely put me at ease! Joys patience, coaching and support in the first “life change discussion” as she calls them was amazing. I left after the first discussion with great results and the second session, the Breakthrough session blew my mind!

I would highly recommend Joy for anything you need help with she is amazing!


The positive change I have seen in my daughter and my mother after one session with the amazing Joy is fantastic. I have not seen them this strong and empowered in a very long time. Thank you so much for everything you have done with them. I recommend Joy wholeheartedly as I really don’t think my daughter and mum would have gotten through these last few months without her support.


OMG Joys meditations just take me places I never thought possible! I Love Love Love her monthly meditations I don’t think I would survive without them…


I met Joy at the most painful and distressing time of my life – 2 years after the passing of my Mum when I was at the age of just 28 and the real reality of loss had truly started to hit home.

I sit here not wanting to think of what I would have had to endure without her guidance and support.

She didn’t try to fix what couldn’t be fixed, she just understood exactly how to be there and facilitate my growth through all of the ups and downs of grief.

I can’t thank her enough for the time we spent working together. If you’re on the journey of grief, speaking with Joy is one of the most supportive and helpful things you can do for yourself to help you move forward.

Darcy Smyth

Creator of 'The Sales Game', Why Bravo

Find Your Essence.

Set Your Heart Intention

Find your Peace with Joy.

Payment Options
Essence of You VIP Membership

If you’re serious about finding the very essence of you this beautiful VIP membership is just what you need.

Exclusive VIP membership is $97 AUD per month or an annual membership $1114 AUD save $50

This membership is less than one cup of takeaway coffee a day. What price do you place on your soul and your spirit?

If you find yourself asking “Can I afford this?” ask yourself instead “Can I afford not too?”

Payment Options
Essence of You VIP Membership

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Finding the Essence of You Today!

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